Afbeelding uit Oscars gebuiksaanwijzing

The Suelzer VW LT 40 D 4×4 is owned by lehner en gunther architecten since August 2007. Before that the car was owned by a German, and therefore the Northern German Katastrophenschutz, where the car ran not more than 20.000km in 20 years. Today approximately 70.000km have been traveled.

The Suelzer is a design by the German constructor Heinz Suelzer, who designed a product without competitors in the eighties: a car that can be loaded until 4000 kg and was able to drive literally everywhere.

The unusual vehicle was named Oscar by today’s owners and functions as a traveling office and design-bus.

Technical data:

  • Producer: Suelzer Fahrzeugbau Königsbrunn
  • Type: LT 40 D 4×4
  • Motor: 6 cylinders Diesel with 2400 cm3, 55 kW
  • Fuel consumption: 15 Liter/100km
  • Top speed: 102 km/h
  • Maximum weight: 3500kg
  • Firstly used: 1982