lehner en gunther architecten (LEGU) is the office of Johanna Gunther and Mathias Lehner. These two architects complement each other, as both have years of different experience in architectural practice – through all phases of the building process until realization – in the field of public buildings, private houses, new and renovation projects. Earlier practice also includes experience in managing positions related to architecture: organizing, programming, exhibition making and teaching.

LEGU was founded in 2004, upon the demand of market parties and current clients. After winning competitions and being assigned some direct commissions the first buildings have now been realized. Today LEGU is involved in four landscape projects, an urban planning project and a private commission. The architectural approach is driven by the reading of givens – a built or non-built context with an intrinsic logic, whose characteristics are worth to be revealed more clearly by analysis. Not in the last place LEGU work as translators for their clients – unfolding the architectural dream via social and physical archeology.

For more information please visit our website www.legu.nl