Urban transformations
The design-bus Oscar is an ideal tool to actively involve inhabitants and users in the transformation of the urban tissue; among those can be the redevelopment of public spaces, restructuring entire quarters or developing of new green zones or urban parks, for all of which the interaction between planners, inhabitants and users is a necessary ingredient.


Rural designing
The design-bus is also very useful for designs in rural settings, where the qualities of the landscape should be experienced and mapped thoroughly in order to come to an adequate design. Those projects include vacation homes, transformation of deserted farm-houses or any other development in a rural setting.


University Education
The DesignBus can server as a base camp for students of (landscape) architecture when they are doing fieldwork. Gatherings can be held inside and outside the bus. Two signs invite the public to interact with the students. The educational institutions can me made visible with stickers on the buses exterior.


Projects in schools
Due to its appearance and mobility the design-bus can be used for short-term projects in schools with a technical, building or architectural character. De bus is used as an atelier a space for up to twelve students. Working on up to three separate small tables or one large table is possible. The bus can be used for a design project on site, or as a base camp for field studies.