Spilstraat, Alkmaar

schets Spilstraat

This project is about the redevelopment of the public realm of Spilstraat in Alkmaar. The current situation causes problems on different levels. The road layout is unclear, the street is cluttered and lacks places to play or casually meet.

LEGU was asked by the municipality to make a new landscape design and involve the residents in the development of their plans. To do so legu took their mobile design studio Oscar to the Spilstraat and invited the residents to come in and talk about their views on the current situation in their street and possibilities for the future. Within a short period of time people got involved and showed the architects their street. They talked about their problems and their views on how to improve practical and social problems. The children drew pictures which show their views on improvements. During a walk around the neighborhood they spoke about the most important hazards.

This work method turned out to be very efficient; the first designs could already be shown to the commissioner and the inhabitants. More importantly though the Oscar project marked the first step in the direction of more social contact and coherence in the street.